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© 2020 by Arch Social Members


 To encourage members to be culturally rooted, community engaged and self-governed. 


  • Community Beautification Projects

  • Cultural & Historical Analysis

  • Help an Elder Day

  • Physical & Mental Training


  • Anti-Bullying through building Self-Confidence

  • Leadership through Practice

  • Discipline & Respect for Authority

  • Event Coordinator Experience

  • Project Management Experience

Youth leadership requires training!!

Youth Programming Hosted at the Arch: 

BLACK WOLVES ages 6-14 years old 

Contact: Leon Smith-Bey # 443.400.3732

-Structural Discipline


-Business Concepts

-Community Engagement

ASCN YOUTH ages 14-24 years old 

Contact: Jahi Faw # 443.979.2441

-Physiological Arts

-Historical Analysis 

-Study of Self

-Community Engagement

-Financial Compensation